Around Aquidneck in nine days, Quantum Sails sponsorship and other news

Hello everyone,

A few updates here:

1)  Around Aquidneck is just a little over a week away.  We have 20 boats registered as of this writing, split between 11 in spinnaker and 9 in cruising.  Now is the time to register as we will close sign-ups on Tuesday.  We’ll post a scratch sheet and penalties shortly thereafter.

2)  Related to our racing, all of the NORs and SIs are now posted.  I really want to stress that virtually every race has had some changes to course or execution, mostly due to the decommissioning of various buoys around the bay and sound.  Bottom line is carefully read all documents.  Also, please recall that this year we are modifying the penalty system to reflect only the previous year’s performance.  Podium finishes from prior years no longer influence your penalty.

3)  Also related to our racing, I am extremely happy to announce we have gained a sponsor in Quantum Sails.  And even more exciting is that their sponsorship extends beyond just traditional monetary support, although there is some of that.  There is also a significant donation in Quantum merchandise (to be given away after our races), social hosting at TYC after the Around Aquidneck and at the Block Island BBQ, Twenty Hundred Club race marketing and visibility via Quantum’s local media presence and social media, two tailored webinars for our members on topics relevant to our racing and a “Meet Your Sailmaker” night at the Quantum loft in Newport!  Pretty great!  Quantum “gets” our type of racing and looks forward to connecting in a way that I think should be beneficial in both directions.

4)  Lastly, I am pleased to report the Vice Commodore position is not vacant.  Marcus had what must have been an epic race to Bermuda in the One-Two.  If you followed the reporting you know one boat was abandoned and several suffered damage from high winds and seas.  Full details here at this link.  Nonetheless, the 21′ Pocket Rocket came through it all and finished third in the Mini class.  Today marked the start of the return home (the “Two” part of Bermuda One-Two) and I know we all wish Marcus a safe and fast race home.

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