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Scratch Sheet Posted; A Second Amended SI Likely on Friday

The scratch sheet for the 2017 Prince Henry race is now posted at this link.

Moreover, it is likely that there will be a second amendment to the SI.  First, several of the leg distances appear to be off by tenths of a mile and while this may have very negligible consequences to the race scoring, these consequences would not be evenly distributed across all of the participants; an inequity we would want to resolve.  Second, our effort to ease some of the mark rounding continuity concerns (“pulling the string”) by adding a 200′ arrival circle on each mark has stimulated some great discussion that merits a more significant look and input from the broader membership, perhaps during the Annual Business Meeting slated for the end of the year.  We have a regular board meeting tonight at the Pink Pig in Jamestown at 1900 and will discuss it there, but my request is that you keep an eye out for a change to the SI tomorrow, Friday.  If you can make it to the Pink Pig tonight you are, of course, welcome to join us.

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Prince Henry AMENDED SI Posted 19 August

An amended SI was posted for this year’s Prince Henry race.  It may be viewed/downloaded at this link.

Changes from last year are highlighted in yellow.  The most significant among those is the creation of 200 foot “arrival circle” around each mark.  You may of course round your selected mark as in a typical race, but new this year is the option to pass the mark without regard to the next leg so long as you are within 200′ of the mark.  Members had noted that several of our marks are adjacent to shoal water and thought it prudent to provide a safe option and as well we had noted that some Prince Henry mark-pair roundings are ambiguous when one considers the traditional “pull the string” concept in a traditional race.  Creating a 200′ circle around each mark which constitutes “arrival” eliminated those issues.  Should you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me or any member of the board.

Lastly, it isn’t too late to register for this unique race.  We will close entries on Wednesday at the end of the day.  A scratch sheet will be provided Thursday.

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Block Island Results Posted

Race results are (at last!) posted for Block Island 2017.  View/download them at this link.

A sincere thank you to all participants for a fun and enjoyable weekend.  The BBQ was record attendance from recent memory and the racing was good.  Next race is the Prince Henry in just a couple of weeks!

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Final Scratch Sheet Posted

The final scratch sheet for BI is now posted and available at this link.

Please note there were several changes from the “Preliminary” scratch sheet, including some adjustments between Spin A and Spin B.  Competitors are cautioned not to use the Preliminary scratch sheet for reference.

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Preliminary Block Island Scratch Sheet Is Posted

The BI preliminary scratch sheet is now posted here at this link.

A final will be issues Friday afternoon.

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Cuttyhunk Results Are Now Posted

Full Cuttyhunk results are available here at this link.

Block Island is next: August 5-7.  28 boats already registered! Tell your friends!

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Final Scratch Sheet For Cuttyhunk Now Posted

The final scratch sheet for Cuttyhunk is now posted in the Race section and available here at this link.

Please also note there is an amended SI.  It is available here at this link.

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Cuttyhunk Amended SI and Preliminary Scratch Sheet Now Posted

Due to the high number of entrants in this year’s Cuttyhunk race we are amending the SI to accommodate more than a single start.  In fact, we will run separate starts for Cruising I and II and Spinnaker A and B and have a multihull start!  Provisions for a start run without an RC were removed as David Lodge is again supporting our starts.  As well, he may be on station for the finish and this was accounted for in the SI.  Please also note a preliminary scratch sheet is posted.  Advise the RC ( with any corrections.

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Around Aquidneck Results Posted

Final results from Saturday’s race may be found here at this link.

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Around Aquidneck Final Scratch Sheet Now Posted

The final scratch sheet for Around Aquidneck is now posted and may be downloaded here at this link.

Please note there were several changes including an adjustment to the split between Cruising I and Cruising II.  Ensure you are using the “FINAL” version.

Competitors are also encouraged to bring an appetizer to the BBQ at TYC.  There’s ample dock space for a visit — stay and have a burger before you depart for home!

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