Scratch Sheet Posted; A Second Amended SI Likely on Friday

The scratch sheet for the 2017 Prince Henry race is now posted at this link.

Moreover, it is likely that there will be a second amendment to the SI.  First, several of the leg distances appear to be off by tenths of a mile and while this may have very negligible consequences to the race scoring, these consequences would not be evenly distributed across all of the participants; an inequity we would want to resolve.  Second, our effort to ease some of the mark rounding continuity concerns (“pulling the string”) by adding a 200′ arrival circle on each mark has stimulated some great discussion that merits a more significant look and input from the broader membership, perhaps during the Annual Business Meeting slated for the end of the year.  We have a regular board meeting tonight at the Pink Pig in Jamestown at 1900 and will discuss it there, but my request is that you keep an eye out for a change to the SI tomorrow, Friday.  If you can make it to the Pink Pig tonight you are, of course, welcome to join us.

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