Updated Scratch Sheet and SI Posted Friday

As mentioned in yesterday’s email, members of the board and other interested parties met last night to resolve concerns regarding mark rounding continuity in the Prince Henry race.  After some consideration, we are rolling back to the original Prince Henry SI language (so traditional roundings as in previous years) for tomorrow’s race.  The revised SI is posted at this link.

Nonetheless, there is good interest in refining the wording of this paragraph to better accommodate the various concerns of some of our racers.  To achieve this we’ll look to establish a small working group that will review the SI, consider the issues and suggest changes by our annual business meeting (not yet scheduled but near the end of the year).  If you are interested in participating in this process please shoot me an email.

There are other changes that are new for 2017.  Please ensure you are using the 25 August 2017 version of the SI and look for the yellow highlighting.  Some of these changes include a new mark D (USCG decommissioned the original mark D), clarification on the use of RaceQs (not using it will not cause a DSQ, but you are at a disadvantage should your log be called into question), and various refinements to leg distances.

It is likely we will not have a race committee on station for the finish off of Allen Harbor; refer to the SI for instructions.

An updated scratch sheet is also posted at this link.

We are on track for our largest Prince Henry race of recent years and reasonable weather, albeit light winds.  Should be fun!  If any of the preceding requires clarification please feel free to call me directly!

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