Around Aquidneck Challenge

Around Aquidneck Challenge Trophies

Starting in 2014, this is awarded annually to the yacht with the fastest corrected time in the Around Aquidneck Island Challenge. Separate awards are made for Spinnaker and Non-Spinnaker classes.

Dilemma Trophy – Spinnaker


Year Boat Skipper Corrected Time
2014 Vento Solare Bill Kneller 3:49:43
2015 Ursa Brooke Mastrorio 3:52:54
2016 Spirit EC Helme *3:27:49
2017 Tamanoa Gregg Morash 3:43:29
2018 Spirit EC Helme 3:39:45
2019 Vento Solare Bill Kneller 3:53:12
2020 Not Awarded    


John Brady Trophy – Non-Spinnaker


Year Boat Skipper Corrected Time
2014     No Award Presented
2015 Tamanoa Gregg Morash  4:34:06
2016 Tamanoa Gregg Morash 4:33:19
2017 Vento Solare Bill Kneller 4:20:26
2018 Marauder Marcus Cochran *3:27:05
2019 Vento Solare Bill Kneller 3:48:27
2020 Vento Solare Bill Kneller 4:22:07

*Fastest time recorded for each class to date

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