Bounty Trophy

Race/Cruise to Block Island

Prizes for combined corrected times for the three days

Class Spin B

Bounty Trophy

Awarded to the winner of the Block Island Series for Spinnaker Class B. Donated in 1978 by W. Donald Wilson in memory of Wallace H. Humphrey.



1973 Spot J. Richmond Fales. Jr.
1974 Hustler Larry DiFilippo
1975 Skal Gordon Hagglund
1976 Habitat Stephen Smith
1977 Orange Blossom Special Robert Johnston
1978 Scheherazade Dave Thornton
1979 Life in the Fast Lane John Anderson
1980-81 Mischief Bruce Ferguson
1982 Alliance Al Girard
1983 Tamberlane II Joseph Roszkowski
1984 Mischief Bruce Ferguson
1985 Wake George Henault
1986-88 Mischief Bruce Ferguson
1989 Mon Keill Robert Cassity
1990 Liberty John Adams
1991 Renegade Bill Demos
1992 Amadeus Udo Schroff
1993 Mon Keill Robert Cassity
1994 Rigadoon William Riggs
1995 Crocodile Bruce Dawson
1996 Morning Dance Robert Johnston
1997 Mon Keill Robert Cassity
1998 Morning Dance Robert Johnston
1999 Mon Keill Robert Cassity
2000 Bizzy Ball Thomas Heald
2001 Lady K Mark Petti
2002 Bizzy Ball Thomas Heald
2003 No Award Presented  
2004 No Award Presented  
2005 No Award Presented  
2006 Petrel Jonathan Gibbs
2007 No Award Presented  
2008 Carousel Stephen Morris
2009 Shearwater Chris Bjeeregaard
2010 Shearwater Chris Bjeeregaard
2011 Cowboy George Cochran
2012 Anser Peter Allstrom
2013 Expresso Gary Russell
2014 Anser Peter Allstrom
2015 Expresso Gary Russell
2016 Tamanoa Gregg Morash
2017 Surprise Fred Roy
2018 Tamanoa Gregg Morash
2019 Anser Peter Allstrom
2020 Magoo Bobbie Marelli

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