Clark Trophy

U.S.Sailing’s W. Van.Alan Clark, Jr.
Sportsmanship Trophy

This trophy is presented annually to the sailor who best exemplifies the ideals and traditions of good sportsmanship. The award is presented by U.S. Sailing with the recipient from the Twenty-Hundred Club being placed in nomination for the national award.  This award was first presented in 1993.


1993 Tango V Dr. Ernest H. McVay
1994 ‘R Buoy John Brady
1995 Queequeg Nat Nazareth
1996 Spunk Phil Hecht
1997 ————– Chuck Kaufman
2004 No Award Presented
2005 Windborne Scott Schilling
2006 No Award Presented
2007 No Award Presented
2008 No Award Presented
2009 No Award Presented
2010 No Award Presented
2011 No Award Presented
2012 No Award Presented
2013 Bizzy Ball Tom Heald
2014 Tamanoa Gregg Morash
2015 Lynne Charlton
2017 Spirit EC Helme


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