Dawson Trophy

Bryson A. Dawson Trophy


Awarded annually to the yacht with the lowest overall point total for all Club races of the season. Donated by Don Kern in memory of “Butch’ Dawson.  Points are awarded based on 1 point for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, 3 points for 3rd, etc.  The winning yacht must finish all 4 races (5 legs total).


1997 Panama Red Richard Bioty
1998 Cover Girl Ralph Kinder
1999 Panama Red Richard Bioty
2000 Kima Nelson Weiderman
2001 Warlord Vince Abbott
2002 Warlord Vince Abbott
2003 Kima Nelson Weiderman
2004 Windborne Scott Schilling
2005 Kima Nelson Weiderman
2006 Kima Nelson Weiderman
2007 Expresso Gary Russell
2008 ‘R Buoy and Thunder (Tie) John Brady and Charley Kineke
2009 Thunder Charley Kineke
2010 No Award Presented  
2011 No Award Presented  
2012 Spirit EC Helme
2013 Spirit EC Helme
2014 Epiphany Nick Bowen
2015 Epiphany Nick Bowen
2015 Epiphany Nick Bowen
2016 Whalayed John Whaley
2017 Serendipity Gary Venable
2018 Ceteacean Peter Maloney
2019 Spirit EC Helme
2020 Spirit EC Helme

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