Gibbs Trophy

Julian Gibbs Trophy

Awarded to the winner of the Around Aquidneck Spring Race for Cruising Class-II. Donated in memory of Julian Gibbs by PHRF members. From 1983-1985 this trophy was awarded to the winner of Class C in the Prince Henry Race. From 1986-1999 and 2004 this trophy was awarded to the winner of Class C in the Cuttyhunk Race. It was repurposed to the Spring Race when we introduced the Around Aquidneck Race in 2012.



1983 Rabbit Dan and Mimi Dyer
1984 No Award Given  
1985 Fireball Don Kern
1986 Petrel Cora Lee Gibbs
1987 Scratch Jeff Spranger
1988 Empress of Blandings Paul S. Koch. MD
1989 Shadow Fox Steve McCrory
1990 Scratch Jeff Spranger
1991 Hustler Bob Crockett
1992 Dovekie Bruce Ferguson
1993 Shadow Fox Steve McCrory
1994 Wind Ensemble Dennis Stoops
1995 Dovekie Bruce Ferguson
1996 Dovekie Bruce Ferguson
1997 Dovekie Bruce Ferguson
1998 Scratch Jeff Spranger
1999 Wind Ensemble Dennis Stoops
2000 No Award Given  
2001 No Award Given  
2002 No Award Given  
2003 No Award Given  
2004 Nurse Ratchet Michael Cotton
2005 No Award Given  
2006 No Award Given  
2007 No Award Given  
2008 No Award Given  
2009 No Award Given  
2010 No Award Given  
2011 No Award Given  
2012 Clank Joe Bovin
2013 Serendipity Gary Venable
2014 Bramasole Bob Catani
2015 Dog Days Stephen Smith
2016 Larvik Kim Andersen
2017 Dog Days Stephen Smith
2018 Satori Bob Buffington
2019 R’Bouy Mark Levin
2020 Serendipity Gary Venable

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