Manickas Trophy

Peter Manickas Trophy

Awarded to the winner of the Prince Henry Race for Spinnaker Class. The Prince Henry Race was initiated by Everett Pearson as a unique and challenging contest of navigational skills, wits and stamina on Narragansett Bay. Donated by Peter Manickas, Jr. in memory of his father.



1988 Consensus Charles E. Rider
1989 ‘R Buoy John F. Brady
1990 Smiles Richard A. Carleton
1991 Wake George Henault
1992 Tamerlane II Joseph Roszkowski
1993 Pamir Francis H. Curren, Jr.
1994 Tamerlane II Joseph Roszkowski
1995 Five Stars John Reisert
1996 Cover Girl Ralph M. Kinder
1997 Ariel George Popella. Jr.
1998 Spunky Philip Hecht
1999 Cover Girl Ralph Kinder
2000 Potential Difference Winston Knight
2001 Joe Roszkowski Tamerlane II
2002 5 Stars John Reisert
2003 High Maintenance Ron Lacroix
2004 Nurse Ratchet Michael Cotton
2005 Nurse Ratchet Michael Cotton
2006 Lark Theo Aschman
2007 Petrel Jonathan Gibbs
2008 No Race  
2009 Morning Dance Bob Johnston
2010 Morning Dance Bob Johnston
2011 Expresso Gary Russell
2012 Mental Floss Randy Church
2013 Whalayed John Whaley
2014 Cetacean Peter Michaelson
2015 Epiphany Nick Bowen
2016 Cetacean Peter Maloney
2017 Kaylarah Gary Russell
2018 Allegro Vivace Dick Waterman
2019 Perseverance John Weaver
2020 Allegro Vivace Dick Waterman

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