Prince Henry Results Posted 2022

Dear Sailors,  

We just posted the results of the Prince Henry Race.  When I reviewed the results I noticed something I wanted to share.  I sometimes hear that Newport is a favored starting point because it gets the sea breeze first.  This year Relentless (Bob Laska) won cruising class with a start at East Greenwich, spent the first 10 miles on the most northerly part of the course and never went further south than Z (Coddington Point). Vento Solare (Bill Kneller) won spin class with a Newport start, spending most the day offshore, then doing a quick bee-line up the west passage to the finish line. However, Memory (Kevin Daken) took second place in spin class and sailed almost the same course as Relentless. It is great to see that success was had in both ends of the bay.

Prince Henry Race


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