Rives Trophy

Reginald Rives Trophy

Awarded to the winner of the Fall Race for Spinnaker Class A. Given by George Henry Warren in fond memory of Reginald Rives, a close personal friend.



1960 Melita W. Sayles Nicholson
1961 Tango Ernest H. McVay
1962 Windway Stephen C. Harris
1963 Antares David Z. Bailey
1964 Tango Ernest H. McVay
1965 Antares David Z. Bailey
1966 Destination Edmund S. Kelly
1967 Alerion Halsey Herreshoff
1968 Tango Ernest H. McVay
1969 Conquest Avery Seaman
1970 Mahi Mahi William H. Shaw
1971 Khardine Thomas E. Hazlehurst
1972 No Award Presented  
1973-74 Tantrum Ron A. Boss
1975 No Award Presented  
1976 Banshee Bob Almeida
1977 Volta Alfred Van Liew
1978 Super Splurge Dean Matthews
1979 Fiddler Alfred Van Liew
1980 Demitasse Anthony Migliaccio
1981 Fiddler Alfred Van Liew
1982 Mahi Mahi William Shaw
1983 Vamoose W. Donald Wilson
1984 Supertramp W.Nerney/J. Anderson
1985 Robyn Frank A. Medeiros
1986 Navahoe Alfred Van Liew
1987 Spellbound Harold F. Blackwood
1988 Soul Mate Leonard F. Hubbard
1989 No Award Presented  
1990 Smiles Richard A. Carleton
1991 Elena W. Lincoln Mossop, Jr.
1992 Coconut Telegraph Thomas D’Albora
1993 Buckaroo Banzai Roger Coutu
1994 Coconut Telegraph Thomas D’Albora
1995 Abracadabra Bryson Hall
1996 Amadeus Udo Schroff
1997 Mitts Bruce Butterworth
1998 Pinnochio Richard Calabro
1999 Katie G Eric Goetz
2000 Cocoonut Telegraph Thomas D’Albora
2001 Madrigal Bill Kimball
2002 Morning Dance Bob Johnston
2003 Kima Nelson Weiderman
2004 Rigadoon William Riggs
2005 Coconut Thomas D’Albora
2006 Kima Nelson Weiderman
2007 Morning Dance Bob Johnston
2008 Morning Dance Bob Johnston
2009 Rigadoon William Riggs
2010 Coconut Thomas D’Albora
2011 Cowboy George Cochran
2012 Cowboy George Cochran
2013 Rigadoon William Riggs
2014 Tonto Fred Darlington
2015 Rigadoon Doug Riggs
2016 Falcon 2.0 Charlie Stoddard
2017 Goat Rodeo Todd Johnston
2018 Divided Sky Vin McAteer
2019 Irie 2 Brian Cunha
2020 Gamecock Peter McLennan

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