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Office Officer Email Phone
All Officers Everyone Officers@twentyhundredclub.org
Commodore Marcus Cochran Commodore@twentyhundredclub.org 401-855-0780 (M)
Vice Commodore Nick Bowen ViceCommodore@twentyhundredclub.org 401-783-3013 (H)
203-947-6966 (M)
Rear Commodore Lisa Hammond RearCommodore@twentyhundredclub.org 774-253-2238 (M)
Treasurer Peter Michaelson Treasurer@twentyhundredclub.org 401-780-9618 (H)
401-447-6829 (M)
Secretary Gary Venable Secretary@twentyhundredclub.org 401-683-3476 (H)
401-529-1408 (M)
Race Committee David Lodge RaceCommittee@twentyhundredclub.org 508-801-8353 (M)
Past Commodore John Whaley PastCommodore@twentyhundredclub.org 401-295-1339 (H)
401-323-2116 (M)
Past Commodore E.C. Helme PastCommodore@twentyhundredclub.org 401-619-3109 (H)
401-688-5618 (M)
Past Commodore Gregg Morash PastCommodore@twentyhundredclub.org 401-624-4058 (H)
401-835-7042 (M)
Membership Chair / Nominating Committee John Howell Nominations@twentyhundredclub.org 401-739-1495 (H)
401-787-0038 (M)

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