Clean-up Trophy

Clean-up Trophy

Awarded annually to the yacht with the highest Corrected Time Average Speed for combined Spring and Fall Races.  Donated by co-founder, Charles F. Dickerson, to the yacht in his words “who polished his bottom the most”.  The highest Corrected Time Average Speed is calculated by dividing the sum of the distances for the two races by the sum of the two corrected times.

1956 Whisker John R. Fales
1957 Povanne R. Read Shaw
1958 Necton Charles Dickerson
1959 Mabubay Breckenridge Marshall
1960 Melita W. Sayles Nicholson
1961 Volta John Nicholas Brown
1962 Suzy Herman Wyss, Jr.
1963-64 Tango Ernest H. McVay
1965 Shady Lady G. Richard Westin
1966 Marango Adelbert A. Goff
1967-68 Little Nell Richard C. Philbrick
1969 Nepenthe Robert W. Read
1970 Mahi Mahi William H. Shaw
1971 The Golden Fleece John A. Dickerson
1972 Floating Bear Julian Gibbs
1973 Conquest Avery Seaman
1974 Vamoose W. Donald Wilson
1975 Keewaydin Ken Welter
1976 Caneel Chip Hawkins
1977 Vamoose W. Donald Wilson
1978-79 Sugarfoot John Westbrook
1980 Petrel Julian Gibbs
1981 Super Splurge Dean Mathews
1982 Banshee Bob Almeida
1983 Skal Gordon Hagglund
1984 No Award Given  
1985 Nepenthe Robert W. Read
1986 Queequeg Nathaniel Nazareth
1987 Scratch Jeff Spranger
1988 Rowse-ta-bout Tom Rowse
1989 Priscilla Roger Coutu
1990 Panama Red Richard Bioty
1991 Rigadoon Bill Riggs
1992-93 Dirty Harry John Lavin
1994 Expresso Peter Manickas
1995 Mon Keill Robert Cassity
1996 Beth Steven Sammis
1997 Scratch Jeff Spranger
1998 Cover Girl Ralph Kinder
1999 Wind Ensemble Dennis Stoops
2000 Kima Nelson Weiderman
2001 Blue Heron Peter Northrup
2002 Nepenthe Robert Read
2003 Kima Nelson Weiderman
2004 R’Buoy John Brady
2005 Polaris Peter Northup
2006 Polaris Peter Northup
2007 Petrel Jonathan Gibbs
2008 Coconut Tom D’Albora
2009 Coconut Tom D’Albora
2010 Coconut Tom D’Albora
2011 Coconut Tom D’Albora
2012 Rigadoon Bill & Doug Riggs
2013 Rigadoon Bill & Doug Riggs
2014 Coconut Tom D’Albora
2015 Coconut Tom D’Albora
2016 Spirit EC Helme
2017 Two Dogs Moose McClintock
2018 Mischief David Schwartz
2019 Salacia Mark Nannini
2020 Relentless Robert Laska


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