Navigator Trophy

Navigator Trophy

Awarded to the winner of the Prince Henry Race for Spinnaker Class. The Prince Henry Race was initiated by Everett Pearson as a unique and challenging contest of navigational skills, wits and stamina on Narragansett Bay.



1982 Jasper William Fogarty
1983 Rabbit Dan & Mimi Dyer
1984 No Award Given  
1985 Fire Ball Don Kern
1986 C’est La Vie Allan Arnold
1987 Cover Girl Joseph G. Kinder
1988 Consensus Charles E. Rider
1989-90 Rabbit Dan & Mimi Dyer
1991-92 Knot All There Ron Lacroix
1993 Spirit Andre Laus
1994 Fox Fire Richard Calabro
1995 Spunky Phil Hecht
1996 Kid Curry Thomas D’Albora
1997 Kima Nelson Weiderman
1998 Good News John Howell
1999 Kima Nelson Weiderman
2000 Pinocchio Richard Calabro
2001 Rabbitt Dan & Mimi Dyer
2002 Pinocchio Richard Calabro
2003 Good News John Howell
2004 Good News John Howell
2005 Kima Nelson Weiderman
2006 Coconut Tom D’Albora
2007 Kima Nelson Weiderman
2008 No Race  
2009 Kima Nelson Weiderman
2010 Good News John Howell
2011 Two Dogs Moose McClintock
2012 Spirit EC Helme
2013 Two Dogs Moose McClintock
2014 Two Dogs Moose McClintock
2015 Coconut Tom D’Albora
2016 Vento Solare Bill Kneller
2017 Spirit EC Helme
2018 Two Dogs Moose McClintock
2019 Spirit EC Helme
2020 Whaylayed John Whaley

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