Tequilla Trophy

Tequilla Trophy

Awarded to the winner of the Around Aquidneck Spring Race for Spinnaker Class B. Donated to the Twenty Hundred Club by Marston W. Keeler in 1956. From 1956 to 2009 this trophy recognized the cruising class winner of the Cuttyhunk Race. It was repurposed to the Spring Race when we introduced the Around Aquidneck Race in 2012.

1956-57 Tango Ernest H. McVay
1958 Necton Charles Dickerson
1959 East Wind Ernest N. Swanson
1960 Sara Ann II Charles F. Street
1961 East Wind Ernest N. Swanson
1962 Mabubay Breckenridge Marshall
1963 Melody Earl T. Davis
1964 Bay Blue John R. Fales
1965 Malabar 11 Bruce Butterworth
1966 Felicity Donald W. Barr
1967 Whisker John R. Fales
1968 Otari Earl T. Davis
1969 Nepenthe Robert W. Read
1970 Otari Earl T. Davis
1971 Strinx Ralph Lawson. II
1972 Floating Bear Julian Gibbs
1973-74 Phaedra Phil Hecht
1975 Optimist Don Stone
1976 Sinn Fein T. Anthony Ryan
1977 Jet Chris Noyes
1978 Jade Harry Sleicher
1979 Teragram Dana Swanson
1980 Edelweiss Aaron Shatkin
1981 Mischief Bruce Ferguson
1982 Mariah Charles Cox. MD
1983 Jasmine Carl Bradshaw
1984 No Award Presented  
1985-86 Nepenthe Robert W. Read
1987 Rigadoon William J. Riggs, Jr.
1988 Nepenthe Robert W. Read
1989 Mischief Bruce Ferguson
1990 Fireball Don Kern
1991 Rigadoon William J. Riggs, Jr.
1992 Dirty Harry John Lavin
1993 Dirty Harry John Lavin
1994 Nepenthe Bob Read
1995 Nepenthe Bob Read
1996 Nepenthe Bob Read
1997 Morning Dance Robert Johnston
1998 Nepenthe Bob Read
1999 Good News John Howell
2000 Wind Ensemble Dennis Stoops
2001 No Award Presented  
2002 No Award Presented  
2003 No Award Presented  
2004 No Award Presented  
2005 No Award Presented  
2006 No Award Presented  
2007 No Award Presented  
2008 No Award Presented  
2009 Falcon Charlie Stoddard
2010 No Award Presented  
2011 No Award Presented  
2012 Vixen Jim Delbonis
2013 Go Dog, Go Mike Zani
2014 Go Dog, Go Mike Zani
2015 October Colby Smith
2016 Vela Mike Zani
2017 Two Dogs Moose McClintock
2018 Vixen Jim Delbonis
2019 High Energy Ed Adams
2020 Vela Mike Zani

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