Topaz Trophy

Topaz Trophy

Awarded annually to the East Greenwich Yacht Club boat with the best corrected time in the Cuttyhunk Race. The Topaz Trophy was donated by a group of East Greenwich Yacht Club members in memory of Edward J. Monohan who lost his life in an unfortunate boating accident in the summer of 1965. In July, that year, Ed had won second in Class “A” and fifth in Fleet with “Topaz” in the race to Cutyhunk.




1966 Hornpipe Ernest N. Swanson
1967 Windway Stephen C. Harris
1968 Fleetwing Henry P. Eldredge
1969 Hornpipe Ernest N. Swanson
1970 Conquest Avery Seaman
1971 Strinx Ralph Lawson. III
1972-73 Conquest Avery Seaman
1974 Elena W. Lincoln Mossop. Jr.
1975 Sunburst Richard Sunberg
1976 Jade Harry K. Sleicher
1977 Grandmother Ann Street
1978 Jade Harry K. Sleicher
1979-80 Aurora Jim Young
1981 Firefly Fred Yole
1982 Raison D’etre Al Angelone
1983 Firefly Fred Yole
1984 No Award Presented  
1985 Great Scot Irving Gilson. MD
1986 Queequeg Nat Nazareth
1987 No Award Presented  
1988 Free Ride Roger Coutu
1989 Queequeg Nat Nazareth
1990 State of Shock Charles Schifino
1991 Wake George Henault
1992 Buckaroo Banzai Roger Coutu
1993 Flashpoint John Mollicone
1994 Amadeus Udo Schroff
1995 Tamerlane II Joseph Roszkowski
1996 Amadeus Udo Schroff
1997 Morning Dance Robert Johnston
2002 Amadeus Udo Schroff
2004 No Award Presented  
2005 Warlord Vince Abbott
2006 Expresso Gary Russell
2007 Expresso Gary Russell
2008 Coconut Tom D’Albora
2009 Coconut Tom D’Albora
2010 Tonto Fred Darlington
2011 Coconut Tom D’Albora
2012 No Name Todd Johnston
2013 Rigadoon Doug Riggs
2014 Coconut Tom D’Albora
2015 Thunder Charles Kineke
2016 Coconut Tom D’Albora
2017 Coconut Tom D’Albora
2018 Kaylarah Gary Russell
2019 Coconut Tom D’Albora
2020 No Award Presented  

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