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2019 Annual Meeting 7pm on 5 November at IYRS in Newport

The Twenty Hundred Club will hold its 2019 annual business meeting at IYRS, 449 Thames Street, Newport on Tuesday 5 November at 7pm. Pizza and refreshments will be served. Attendees are kindly requested to RSVP by clicking the following link to open a pre-formatted message with your email reply. Your participation is a great help to the board and to the quality of our racing and social program — hope to see you there!

We can use their parking lot (we will have passes to give out) and the meeting will be held in the John Mecray Aquidneck Mill Building on the fourth floor in the Edward W. Kane and James Gubelmann IYRS Maritime Library. We thought this would be a perfect location for such a historic sailing club since this is the only library of its kind in Rhode Island, its collection includes marine-related books, periodicals, historic yachting trophies, nautical artwork, and other artifacts related to Newport’s and New England’s maritime heritage. More information about the IYRS campus can be found here:

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A Summary of 2019 Results

The 2019 Season is summarized with the following results links:

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Buy BI Food Tickets – Preliminary BI Scratch Sheet Available

The preliminary scratch sheet is posted with class splits for the race in both directions.

The Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions are also online.  The start Saturday will be by can G3 Southeast of Rose Island with the first warning scheduled at 1030.

Get BBQ Tickets Online Now!

A post-race party and results announcement will occur at the BBQ area next to the Oar Restaurant in New Harbor on Saturday afternoon. Participants are requested to bring hors d’oeuvres to share. Libations and food (burgers, hot dogs, etc) will be available starting at 1800 with results announcement shortly thereafter. Meal tickets are available for $10 per plate. Purchase is requested prior to the race weekend. Cash will be accepted at the event as well. No social events are planned for Sunday or Monday.

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Cuttyhunk SI Amended – Final Scratch Sheet Set

The 2019 Cuttyhunk Race Sailing Instructions have been amended to eliminate the discrepancy on the number of classes and start sequence listed in the Notice of Race. The NOR correctly listed two classes – Spinnaker and Non-Spinnaker (Cruising). The SI Amendment 1 is updated with the following changes displayed with yellow background text in the posted document.

  • Reduces the number of classes originally listed as five to two (Spinnaker & Cruising)
  • Updates the start sequence to reflect two classes
  • Updates the start procedure per RRS 26 with starting signals synchronized to GPS time and announced over VHF 72 with a verbal countdown. (No flags will be displayed)
  • Updates start procedure to indicate a rolling start – Cruising Class starts first with the Spinnaker Class warning being the Cruising Class start.
  • Updates links for US Sailing referenced documents

The scratch sheet is final on Friday morning 19 July and may be viewed at this link.

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Final Scratch Sheet Posted for 2019 Spring Race

Spring Race Around Aquidneck

Spring Race Around Aquidneck

The Final Scratch Sheet is now posted for the first Twenty Hundred Club race of the 2019 season co-hosted event with Tiverton Yacht Club! We are looking forward to a wonderful day of racing and enjoying post race chatter and beverages at fabulous TYC facilities!

  • As a reminder, if you are attending the post race festivities, please bring an appetizer
  • Chowder will be served at 5:00pm with grilled items to follow
  • Corn Hole will be set up
  • Shower facilities will be available
  • The pool is open until 6:00pm
  • Overnight dockage available at TYC – – contact Gregg Morash via email –
The Around Aquidneck Island Race on Saturday, June 22nd starts at 1000 by G3 bell near the Hog Island light off of Bristol and navigates around Aquidneck Island finishing at the entrance of Tiverton Harbor.

The following links are provided for the Around Aquidneck Island Spring Race.

See you on the water!

Twenty Hundred Club

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Enhanced Race Administration for 2019

The Twenty Hundred Club is rolling out an enhanced race administration system for 2019 with the following features.

  • Membership & Race Entry done online via the Shop (no change)
  • Scratch Sheet automatically populated online using Shop orders (introduced in 2018)
  • Automatic personalized email reminder sent 7 days before a race.  The email contains a link directing the Skipper to a page where
    • Race participation is confirmed, or withdraw from race
    • Option to change Class (Spinnaker/Cruising)
    • Option to update PHRF value
  • Scratch sheet set to final the day before the race , locking it from further changes
  • New scoring system built into website publishes finish results in near real time through the use of a phone on the finish boat – final results will be posted shortly after the committee boat docks and finish times are verified
  • Race Results include additional columns for time behind the previous boat finishing and time behind the first boat finished.  An option is provided to display results without the Twenty Hundred Club penalty.

The new system should improve scratch sheet accuracy and provide race results in a more timely manner. The 2018 Block Island race results are scored using the new system and may be viewed at this link.

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2018 Fall Race Around Prudence Results Posted

Results from the 2018 Fall Race Around Prudence Island have been posted at this link.  The winds were significantly greater than predicted, providing for some spectacular round ups and wet crew on the rail.  Congratulations to the following winners in each class:

  • Spinnaker A: Vin McAteer –  Divided Sky
  • Spinnaker B: Moose McClintock – Two Dogs
  • Cruising 1:  Craig Forbes – Haraka
  • Cruising 2:  Randy Church – Mental Floss

That was the last scheduled race for 2018 but you still have chance to compete anytime in the Around Aquidneck Island Challenge.  Register for it at this link and race either Spinnaker, Cruising, or both as many times as you like.

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2018 Prince Henry Race Results Posted

Results from the Prince Henry the Navigator race have been posted at this link. Congratulations to Moose McClintock in Two Dogs for winning the Spinnaker class and Dick Waterman in Allegro Vivace for winning the Cruising class.

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Prince Henry Race Updates for 2018

Prince Henry Race

An updated Sailing Instruction is posted on the Twenty Hundred Club Race Page for the 2018 Prince Henry the Navigator race on Saturday 25 August.  Thanks to the work of a committee lead by Tom Charlton, the SI has been updated as summarized below:

  • Clarifies starting requirements on furling headsails
  • Clarifies requirement on 1st leg to sail
  • Explicitly defines a leg may only be sailed twice – each direction is considered the same leg (e.g. a to b, then b to a constitutes sailing the leg twice)
  • Clarifies which side a mark may be passed on

Competitors are requested to check the preliminary scratch sheet and email on any of the following

The scratch sheet will be posted by 1700 Friday 24 August.

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2018 Block Island Results

Block Island results are now posted – Block Island Race Results.  A challenging race out to Block Island with many having a “wet and wild” ride as the storms blew through. Thanks to Rear Commodore Lisa Hammond the BBQ by the Oar was a great success. The weather cooperated nicely for the race back from BI.

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