A New Look for the Website


Wow!  The Twenty Hundred Club website sure looks different! ……


It is and should help us serve the Twenty Hundred Club members better.  Significant enhancements have been made including;

  • We now accept credit card and PayPal in addition to check payments
  • Paper registration forms are a thing of the past.  We now accept new membership, membership renewal, race registration, social event sign-up and burgee sales, all via the website
  • Liability Waiver requirements for race registration are the same as the past, but are now read and “signed” online with your race registration
  • PHRF form submission is no longer required. You enter the PHRF values on your “profile” with membership renewal.  We validate the values online with PHRF-NB
  • A calendar application that has links that allow you to download Twenty Hundred Club events to your personal calendar

We installed new software to make the online experience better for our club members, and make maintenance easier for the club officers. These enhancements will make it easier for us to disseminate information to you.

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