Cuttyhunk Race 2020 Pre-Race Update

Cuttyhunk Racers,

A quick update on Saturday’s race. We currently have 23 boats on the scratch sheet which is a record for Cutty. It looks like we are going to thread the needle on a storm late Friday and forecast is for nice SW winds all the way to the island on Saturday.

The million dollar question I get is “where do I stay?” The preferred choice are the mooring balls inside the harbor. I confirmed that they are allowing 3 boats to raft on each mooring. These are first come, first serve. I have a HUGE favor to ask of the faster boats. If the 7 boats all rated <86 each grab a solo mooring ball the we can get all all racers on moorings. The favor is that if some of the faster boats are planning to raft with other fast boats, just grab the balls and once slower boats start coming in we can move around. Let’s coordinate this discussion on Channel 72.

The second choice is the marina. They can accommodate 6 or 7 foot drafts. As of this morning there are 30 slips available on Dockwa. Their rates are $2-3 per foot. The last choice is to anchor outside the harbor. Good weather protection, but a long way to shore.

We will have an RC at the start, but the about half the fleet should beat the RC boat to Cutty so please read the SI’s on how to record your finish time.

EC and I did an exploratory trip last Friday. There are 3 food places on the dock that are open: a taco stand, seafood place, and a breakfast place. There is also a pizza place and another seafood place about 100 yards from the dock. The Fishermans Inn is closed. There were signs that there is a $300 fine for not wearing a mask. Remember, we are in Massachusetts so the rules are different.

We will announce the results at Twenty Hundred hours on the town dock.

Finally, I want all sailors to be aware that Vella may sail with a junior crew from TYC (all wearing PDFs). They should be close to the rear of the fleet but let’s keep an ear open if they need anything.

See you Saturday!


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