Shaw Trophy

William H. Shaw Trophy

Awarded to the winner of the Block Island Series for Cruising Class I. Donated by MORC, Station 4, in honor of William H. Shaw



1973 Fleetwing Henry P. Eldredge
1974 Keewaydin Kenneth Weller
1975 Hustler Larry DeFilippo
1976 Miss Conduct III Tom Simmons
1977 Habitat Stephen Smith
1978 Cover Girl Joseph G. Kinder
1979 Habitat Stephen Smith
1980 Blue Nose Osborne/Cobean
1981 Britomart Edward McCaffrey
1982 Habitat Stephen Smith
1983 Viridis Charles R. Greene
1984 Petrel Cora Lee Gibbs
1985 C’est La Vie Allan Arold
1986 Viridis Charles R. Greene
1987 Scratch Jeff Spranger
1988 Rabbit Dan and Mimi Dyer
1989 Smiles Richard A. Carleton
1990 Variant Bill Revkin
1991-92 Spunky Phil Hecht
1993 Cover Girl Ralph M. Kinder
1994 Condor Kenneth Allstrom
1995 Surface Feet Gary Kolc
1996 Hustler Robert Crockett
1997 Surface Feet Gary Kolc
1998 Hustler Bob Crockett
1999 Surface Feet Gary Kolc
2000 No Award Given  
2001 No Award Given  
2002 No Award Given  
2003 No Award Given  
2004 R’Buoy John Brady
2005 Morning Dance Bob Johnston
2006 R’Buoy John Brady
2007 R’Buoy John Brady
2008 R’Buoy John Brady
2009 Sweet Rocket Joseph Ney
2010 R’Buoy John Brady
2011 Anser Peter Allstrom
2012 Duck Soup Bill Clavin
2013 Illusion Ralph Racca
2014 Epiphany Nick Bowen
2015 Epiphany Nick Bowen
2016 Epiphany Nick Bowen
2017 Arigato Thomas Gieseke
2018 Warrior Phillipe Perut
2019 Arigato Thomas Gieseke
2020 Arigato Thomas Gieseke

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