Nov 14

Another Around Aquidneck Challenge Run Today

We had another Around Aquidneck Challenge today (11/14) — Gregg Morash and Tamanoa in Non-Spinnaker.  Set a new record for the 32nm circumnavigation by 47 seconds!  Full results are on the Race Page.

Nov 14

Agenda and Previous Minutes for the 2016 Annual Business Meeting

The annual business meeting will be held tomorrow, November 15th, 1900 at the Newport Yacht Club.  There will be light snacks and a no-host bar available.  Last year’s minutes are here: and the agenda for the business meeting is here:  The club remains healthy and active because of our all-volunteer efforts and your attendance and participation contributes to that — hope you can make it!

Oct 25

Second Around Aquidneck Challenge run completed last Sunday

Not too late to make an attempt!  Latest results here:

Oct 06

Had our first Around Aquidneck Challenge run!

Had our first run of the AAC for 2016.  Commodore Morash and Tamanoa racing spinnaker.  Results (and a cumulative history of times) can be found on the race page.

Sep 24

2016 Fall Race Results Posted

Results for the Fall Race are here:

A thank you again to RIYC for providing RC and team for today’s event!

Sep 23

Fall Race Final Scratch Sheet Posted

The 2016 Fall Race final scratch sheet is now posted in the Race page and may be directly accessed here:

Sep 20

Fall Race Preliminary Scratch Sheet and Penalties Posted

The 2016 Fall Race Around Prudence scratch sheet and penalties are now posted.  The scratch sheet can be found here:

Please note this sheet is preliminary; a final will be posted Friday September 23rd.

A complete listing of penalties may be found here:

Aug 30

Prince Henry Results Posted

2016 Prince Henry results are now posted here:

Please note this is slightly amended from results published Tuesday, August 30th to correct an error with the application of the handicap penalty to one competitor.

Aug 26

2016 Prince Henry Scratch Sheet and Penalties Posted

The PH scratch sheet is posted and available here:

The race penalties have been computed and may be viewed here:

Aug 24

Revised Prince Henry SI is Posted

A revised Prince Henry SI is now posted on the race page, and may be accessed directly here:

Changes include:

– Mark N description changed from ‘G”11” Fl 2.5 Sec Bell, The Dumplings to ‘G”11” QC Bell, The Dumplings.  This is the same mark but with a revised name.

– Mark Y description was changed from ‘C1” north of Despair to ‘G”1” Fl G 4s (was previously “C1” prior to 2013) north of Despair Island.  This is the same mark but with a revised name.

– In Section 9 there was a name change from C”1” to “G1” for north of Despair Island

– Length of segment Y-Z was changed from 5.8 to 4.8

The new version includes a revision date in the footer of August 23rd.

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