Feb 17

2014 NORs Now Posted

The NORs for all 2014 races are now posted on the Race Page.

NORs Posted

2014 NORs posted on Race Page

Apr 03

Business Meeting Agenda for 12 April 2014

There will be a brief business meeting at the spring dinner on 12 April.  The following is the agenda for this meeting:

1. Introduction of officers

2. Explain, discuss and vote for by-law fix regarding membership – Draft Modification to Twenty Hundred Club Bylaws

a. Correct Article IV “Membership” to eliminate proposal and seconding of potential members; match current web-based process

3. Vote for slate of officers for the 2014 season

4. Open the floor to any business

5. Announce honorary membership appointment

Jan 21

Reminder about the Spring Dinner

As with previous years, this upcoming Spring Dinner and Awards Presentation (April 12th, 1800 at the Bristol Yacht Club) will also serve as a brief business meeting in accordance with section VIII of our bylaws.  We’ll briefly discuss 2013, plans for 2014, accept nominations for the board and vote on the proposed slate of officers and address any issues from the membership.  Thanks and see you on April 12th.

The Spring Shore Party is at Bristol Yacht Club on Saturday 12 April to kick off the 2014 season.  Drinks start at 6:00pm with dinner served at 7:00pm.

Tickets are $35 per person and may be purchased online via the website.

Click the Spring Dinner burgee to be directed to the shop and make your purchase.


Jan 06

Save the dates!
2014 race calendar announced!

The race schedule for 2014 is as follows:

  • Saturday 28 June – Around Aquidneck Island Race
  • Saturday 9 August – Race to Block Island
  • Monday 11 August – Race Return from Block Island
  • Saturday 23 August – Prince Henry Race
  • Saturday 20 September – Fall Race Around Prudence Island

NORs to follow.  Also:

The spring dinner (awards, elections and good times) is scheduled for April 12th at the Bristol Yacht Club.  Cocktails at 1800, dinner at 1900.  More info below and on the shop site.

Please log in to the shop to verify your information, renew membership, and sign up for the 2014 races.
If you don’t remember your password, try the default one below. You can log in with this default password and change it. Below are the steps to do this.

1. Twenty Hundred Club Shop Access – The system is accessible directly from this link: https://twentyhundredclub.org/shop/ or from the twentyhundredclub.org website.

2. Your Registration login and Password – Your login name is your email address and the default password is password (all lower case) if you never assigned another password.
There is a Log in link next to Welcome in the upper right side. Click Log In and when the Log In screen is displayed, enter your email address and password in the box under the Already Registered section.

3. Reset Your Password & Update Your Information - Once logged in you will see  My Account and  Welcome in the upper right area of the screen.

  • Click on the My personal info link that appears in the My Account section of the page.
  • Enter the current password which is password (all lower case) if you never reset it, otherwise enter the password you last logged in with in the Current password space, then enter your desired password in the Password and Confirmation spaces.
  • Enter the name you would like to be addressed as in the First name space, and update your information in the other spaces provided.
  • Click the Save link at the bottom of the page.
  • Click Back to your account then click the My address link
  • Click the Update link, then verify and update the address and phone number information as necessary.
  • Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.
  • You will be able to log in to the system using the new password you created. Verify this by clicking the Log out link next to your name
    in the upper right portion of the screen, then repeating the login sequence in step 2, using the password that you saved.

Once you have logged in, you may renew your membership, sign up for regattas, etc. Click the Twenty Hundred Club logo at the top left of the shop any time to see the listing of items available.

Check out our best offer – Save $60 with the Membership & 4 Race Package Deal.

Membership & Race Package

Join your Twenty Hundred Club friends for the Spring Shore Party with drinks, dinner, and fun at Bristol Yacht Club on Saturday 12 April to kick off the 2014 season.  Drinks start at 6:00pm with dinner served at 7:00pm.

Tickets are $35 per person and may be purchased online via the website.

Click the Spring Dinner burgee to be directed to the shop and make your purchase.


For questions or comments, please contact the Twenty Hundred Club Secretarysecretary@twentyhundredclub.org

Sep 21

Fall Race/Around Prudence Island Results Now Posted

The Fall Race results are now posted on the race page.  Thanks to everyone for a great day of racing and special appreciation to our start and finish RC volunteers!

Jun 07

June 2013 Message from the Commodore

Twenty Hundred Club Members,

The first race of the season is rapidly approaching.  This event is co hosted by the Twenty Hundred Club and the Tiverton Yacht Club.  Although this race replaces one of our popular destination races there is no reason it cannot be treated as one.  The Tiverton Yacht Club and Brewers Sakonnet Marina are offering overnight dock space for $1.00 per foot as well as temporary dockage at the Yacht Club for the duration of the Shore Party.  The Post Race party will be located under the TYC Tent.  Food and Beverage will be provided for all race participants.  Racers are encouraged to bring their favorite hors d’oeuvres to share and compete in our hors d’oeuvres contest.

It’s not too late to enter! With our new web site we are able to accept registrations until Wednesday June 19th.  As an added incentive, the Twenty Hundred Club Member who recruits the greatest number of new members this season will receive complimentary membership and full race package for the 2014 season.  New members will be requested to email the club Membership Chair at Nominations@TwentyHundredClub.org  stating the name of the member who recruited them. New members will be considered any New member or a returning member after more than a five year absence.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the Tiverton Yacht Club and hope that many of you chose to use this as a destination race in your own back yard.


Gregg Morash


Mar 18

Commodore’s Corner Spring 2013


Twenty Hundred Club Members,

Here we are, the first day of spring with snow in the forecast. What a difference from last year. Even with snow, the planning and prep for the spring party and 2013 sailing season is well underway. If you haven’t been to the website you are in for big and hopefully welcomed surprise. Without going into the details of how we got here. I personally can’t thank Bill Kneller enough for his efforts on the site. Between Bill and EC Helme, they kind of spearheaded this effort and in typical Navy fashion it was “damn the torpedoes full speed ahead”, Thanks guys!

Now, we’re half way thru March and of course I’m late getting the word out. But the details for the shore party are being worked out and we are pleased to announce we’ll be hosted again by the Bristol Yacht club. The date is April 6 with cocktails starting a 6:00 pm and dinner around 7:00. It’s getting pretty difficult to keep this event under the $35 per head price range and keeping it on the ‘up scale’ side of things but based on the turn out last year and all the new things happening I’m sure the event will be a great start to the season. I’ve been assured that if you buy a ticket you will get a seat and a dinner. The spring party is both the completion of the 2012 season and the start of the 2013. The prizes and trophies are in the works and hopefully will be completed on time. Please check your finish standings; we award some nice prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place finishes. And we’d like to hand them all out the winners at the party.

Those of you that come to the spring meeting know this is where we elect our executive board for the coming season. This year we have a terrific slate of candidates and absent nominations from the floor these volunteers will be elected. For Commodore, Greg Morash, Vice Commodore/Race Chairman, EC Helme, Rear Commodore/Social director, Wayne Morris, Secretary, Gary Venable and Peter Michaelson (shared duties) and Nick Bowen as treasurer. Please join me in wishing them a great season and by all means any one of them would welcome any volunteers to help with their efforts.

Now, back to the fun stuff. One of the biggest features of the new website is the ability to fill out documents and submit payments online. Now the drudgery of printing forms, filling them out, finding your check book an envelope and stamp have been replaced with a few mouse clicks. This is the 21st century. As this is the first year there may be a few glitches but the system has been pretty well tested so hopefully they will be minimal.

Last year we saw great race participation and addition/change of the Cuttyhunk race to a “Round the Island race was a huge success. Let’s keep it up. I hope to get even more boats on the start lines next year.

As this will be my last “Commodores letter” I’ll take this time to say it’s been a real pleasure serving the club and Thank you all very much to the many people who volunteer their time for the club. This is truly the effort we need to keep this thing moving. See you in Bristol.

Fair winds and following seas,

John Whaley


Jan 12

A New Look for the Website


Wow!  The Twenty Hundred Club website sure looks different! ……


It is and should help us serve the Twenty Hundred Club members better.  Significant enhancements have been made including;

  • We now accept credit card and PayPal in addition to check payments
  • Paper registration forms are a thing of the past.  We now accept new membership, membership renewal, race registration, social event sign-up and burgee sales, all via the website
  • Liability Waiver requirements for race registration are the same as the past, but are now read and “signed” online with your race registration
  • PHRF form submission is no longer required. You enter the PHRF values on your “profile” with membership renewal.  We validate the values online with PHRF-NB
  • A calendar application that has links that allow you to download Twenty Hundred Club events to your personal calendar

We installed new software to make the online experience better for our club members, and make maintenance easier for the club officers. These enhancements will make it easier for us to disseminate information to you.

Jan 12

Commodore’s Corner Fall 2012

thc_burgee1.gifThe 2012 racing season is over. Boats are being put away and hopefully all survived the wrath of Sandy. But the club business continues. Thursday November 8th is our fall meeting and it is one of the more important events we’ll have as a club.

Among many things we discuss are the nominations of officers for the executive board. This is important because the board is already short staffed. Of the 9 positions defined in our bylaws only five are normally staffed and this year four people shared the majority of the load. Four out
of the five members serving have announced they will not continue to serve actively on the board including myself as commodore.

So, It’s time to seriously think about what level you want to commit to this club. I’ve talked to a few members and they have considered stepping up (you know which ones). Nominations will only be official if we have members come to the meeting and put their names in the ring. We need more volunteers, period. If you like the events we put on, like the competition, the after race parties then more people have to step up.

The membership meeting scheduled for Thursday, November 8, at the RIYC at 8:00. This will immediately follow the NBYA annual meeting. This is an open meeting to all 2000 club members. The following will be the agenda.
Twenty Hundred Club Meeting Agenda Thursday, Nov. 8 2012, 8:00 pm, at the RIYC:

Commodore’s Report

  • Changes made in 2012
  • Proposal’s for 2013
  • Race participation

Secretary’s Report

  • Active membership 2012
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Financial status of the club

Vice Commodore’s Report

  • Race participation
  • Nominations for Executive positions
  • New Business
  • Adjournment

Absent of an executive board there will not be Twenty Hundred club racing next year. That would be a shame. Please come and pitch in for the good of the club.

Thank you,
John Whaley

Jan 12

Who are we?

thc_burgeeThe Twenty Hundred Club has been racing on Narragansett Bay and its adjacent waters since 1946.

The club roster currently includes almost 200 members & over 125 yachts.

All races feature cruising and spinnaker classes to provide exciting competition for both the weekend family sailor and the serious club racer.

The Prince Henry the Navigator Race has been featured in Sailing World as one of the most unique racing experiences in the country!