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New Non-Spin AAC Record / Annual Business Meeting Agenda Posted

We had a new non-spin record for the AAC on Friday October 27th:  Bill Kneller and the Vento crew got around in 4:20 corrected, setting a new all-time fastest non-spin rounding.  Full results at this link.

Also, the agenda for Wednesday’s Annual Business Meeting is now posted posted at this link.   Please recall it will be held at the Newport Yacht Club beginning at 1900.  I encourage your attendance.

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Two more AAC attempts yesterday October 20th

There were two more attempts yesterday, but neither boat could get around the course fast enough to unseat Tamanoa from the top spot.  Full results at this link

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We have our second AAC rounding

Today, Gregg, Marcus and the Tamanoa team went around the island and set a solid corrected time of 3:43:41, enough to assume the mantle of “Fastest Rounding” so far this Fall.  Seems likely there will be more before the end of the year.  Please note that Gregg reports that the waterway under the Sakonnet bridge is still open, but closure looks to be scheduled for October 23rd.  This could change according to the demolition schedule.  Check with competent authority like DEM, the Tiverton Harbor Master or RIDOT if it might impact your AAC plans.  Full results are at this link.

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We have our first Around Aquidneck Challenge result for 2017!

Yesterday, Thursday October 5th, Brooke Mastrorio and the URSA crew made a run at the challenge for 2017 — our first of the season.  Great job guys.  Please note that removal of the old Sakonnet bridge will potentially impact transits through that area Monday through Saturdays for a part of October and November.  Do check that against your planned circumnavigation.  Updated results are at this link.

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Fall Race Results Posted

Fall Race Around Prudence results are now posted and available at this link

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Today’s Start Is Postponed Two Hours

Fall Race competitors: Please note today’s start is delayed two hours.  The first warning will occur at 1200.

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Fall Race Final Scratch Sheet Now Posted

The final scratch sheet for the Fall Race is now posted at this link

Also, please note that the previously mentioned QDNYC post-race dinner is this year a closed function.

See you Saturday!

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Fall Race Preliminary Scratch Sheet Posted

The preliminary 2017 Twenty Hundred Club Fall Race Around Prudence scratch sheet is now posted.  See it at this link.

A final will be posted Thursday!

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Prince Henry Results Posted

My thanks for your patience as we resolved an issue in one of the submitted logs.  Results are now posted here:  at this link.

Those of you that ran RaceQs can play that back from your RaceQs feed (only on a desktop browser, not your phone) and see all of the other RaceQs-reporting participants.  Interesting to see the various choices and outcomes.

Next and final scheduled race of the season is the Fall Race Around Prudence, September 23rd.  Already shaping up to be a big one with 36 boats registered and a good split between Cruising and Spinnaker.  Recall this is also an NBYA/GMT BOTY event.

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Updated Scratch Sheet and SI Posted Friday

As mentioned in yesterday’s email, members of the board and other interested parties met last night to resolve concerns regarding mark rounding continuity in the Prince Henry race.  After some consideration, we are rolling back to the original Prince Henry SI language (so traditional roundings as in previous years) for tomorrow’s race.  The revised SI is posted at this link.

Nonetheless, there is good interest in refining the wording of this paragraph to better accommodate the various concerns of some of our racers.  To achieve this we’ll look to establish a small working group that will review the SI, consider the issues and suggest changes by our annual business meeting (not yet scheduled but near the end of the year).  If you are interested in participating in this process please shoot me an email.

There are other changes that are new for 2017.  Please ensure you are using the 25 August 2017 version of the SI and look for the yellow highlighting.  Some of these changes include a new mark D (USCG decommissioned the original mark D), clarification on the use of RaceQs (not using it will not cause a DSQ, but you are at a disadvantage should your log be called into question), and various refinements to leg distances.

It is likely we will not have a race committee on station for the finish off of Allen Harbor; refer to the SI for instructions.

An updated scratch sheet is also posted at this link.

We are on track for our largest Prince Henry race of recent years and reasonable weather, albeit light winds.  Should be fun!  If any of the preceding requires clarification please feel free to call me directly!

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